Black Security Film

Black Stretch Film

Black Stretch Film

Also known as security film, stretch wrap or stretch film, black pallet wrap is a strong 25 micron film that will hold goods over 700kg when palletised

Can be used to wrap parcels where confidentiality is important

Cast Pallet wrap is a strong stretchable film that sticks well to it's self

Sold in boxes of 6 rolls with huge discounts for bulk orders
5% Off 10% Off 15% Off 25% Off
Code Width mm Length m Core Thickness Micron Pack Quantity Pallet Quantity 1-4 Packs 5-9 Packs 10-19 Packs 20 Packs (Half Pallet) 40 Packs (Pallet) Qty
5017S 500 200 Flush 25 6 Rolls 240 Rolls 68.85 65.41 61.97 58.53 51.64